Laban and Isabella singing"Mrs. Synnestvedt/Inga has been proficiently teaching our son both voice and piano for more than a year now. She is fun, extremely experienced, motivating and kind. Her work has made our son interested and proud of his musical abilities. Her extensive training and experience makes her an excellent choice for music lessons!"
Eliza G., Concord

I have wanted to follow and develop my love of singing by taking lessons  the better part of my life. In my years with Inga, I’ve found that not only was she a nurturing, wonderful teacher, but she also became a  friend. Her easy-going style, ability to speak to my (rudimentary) level of musical education, and interesting song selections (from my favorite show tunes and standards to Italian arias) honed my voice, focused my singing skills and broadened my vocal horizons. I truly look forward to each and every lesson.
Dana G., Framingham

Inga is an outstanding and attentive teacher as well as being an extremely talented musician.  She teaches wonderful skills while listening to what the student likes and needs so she can tailor her classes to the individual.  This is very hard to find in a good teacher.  Anita C. Framingham
Julia singing

My son, who is 8, and my daughter, who is 6, love studying voice and piano with Inga.  She tailors their lessons and homework for their pace of learning ensuring they will stay enthusiastic.
Kristin D., Framingham

Working with Inga has solved a long-standing issue with the middle section of my voice.  Despite the best efforts of several voice teachers, this part of my voice has been troublesome and unreliable.  Inga was able to diagnose the underlying reason, help me correct it and through it all has been a gentle, encouraging and supportive teacher.  I would highly recommend her. 
Lisa P., Sudbury

Inga has brought confidence, strength, and stage presence to our daughter’s love of music. We see and hear the maturity in voice and piano as Katie continues her weekly lessons. Katie enjoys immensely Inga’s sincere mentorship and encouragement! We are extremely pleased with Katie’s progress.  Thank you, Inga!
Mom of Student K.M. Framingham

We enrolled our daughter in voice lessons with Inga Synnestvedt because she has loved to sing since before she could talk!  We wanted to find a positive outlet for her passion for singing while keeping her voice fit and strong. While studying voice with Inga for 3+ years, she learned breathing techniques, diction, as well as a diverse repertoire.  The vocal techniques that she learned from Inga have strengthened both her voice and confidence. Thank you, Inga! 

 Heidi W., Framingham