Katie singingPractice

Practice is an important part in the study of music.  Without practice progress will be slow and the student may get discouraged.  Consequently, conscientious and disciplined practice is required of all students.  How often, how long and what to practice will be discussed during the lesson.


Students should bring assigned music, folder for music and a digital recorder to all lessons if possible. 


Payment is due at every lesson. Song, exercise books and sheet music will need to be purchased. If purchased through me, payment is due at the following lesson.

Lesson fees

60 minutes: $60

45 minutes: $45

30 Minutes: $30

Inga offers interested students a free consult lesson. During this introductory singing lesson, the prospective student, parent and teacher can decide whether they would like to work together.

Cancellation Policy 

Notification of an absence at least 24 hours before a scheduled lesson. This is most important, because if I know a lesson time is open far enough in advance a make-up or consultation lesson can be placed in this open slot. Remember, regular voice lessons and practice should be adhered to if progress is to be made. In the case of illness or other unexpected events there will be an exception made.

Cessation of Lessons

A two-week notice is expected should a student decide to cease lessons for an indefinite period of time.