Classical Singing Technique

This singing technique is based on many years of empirical knowledge built up by experts in the field of teaching voice. In years past we did not have the microphone and recording studios where voices could be amplified and corrections to the voice and pitch could be made.

This technique is based on teaching the student how to feel their instrument, (The whole body), adequate breath support, and knowing how to use their resonance chambers to amplify sound.

In addition to the microphone and the recording studio a whole science of vocal pedagogy has been discovered in recent years. This science is beginning to unlock how the vocal folds produce sound and how the whole body complements this sound.

Even though we know so much more about the vocal mechanism we still need to use our ears and sensations to create a free, full, fluid sound.

Just as with all talents or gifts, some people are born with a better sounding instrument than others. However, everybody can be taught to produce an adequate sound with proper instruction.

I teach all ages how to use their voice to its fullest potential. Whether you are a child who loves to sing, an adult who doesn’t sing on pitch, a teen who wants to be a famous singer or an adult who wants to continue perfecting their technique or improve enough to sing in a chorus, I can help you.

I help you to discover your own voice. During this process I introduce you to a great deal of repertoire chosen to cultivate your voice. In addition, I introduce you to singers whose sounds will enhance your love of the singing voice.